HR Management

Our Human Resource Management department focuses on recruiting and managing the work force within your business. Our HRM team provides the knowledge, tools, training, administration, mentoring, legal advice and talent management that provides significant strategic value to your business. This approach ensures that we uplift your employees and enable your operational processes to continue smoothly.

IR Management

Our Industrial Relations Management department handles the complex  interrelations between managers, workers, corporations and the
government. Healthy industrial relations are key to the progress and success of any business. Our IRM function provides increased levels of morale,
reductions in industrial disputes, reduced levels of wastage and enables production to continue uninterrupted. Our IRM team aims to safeguard the
interest of labour and management, avoid industrial conflict, to increase productivity, and to establish and advocate the development of industrial democracy.

Payroll Management

A solid payroll management structure is imperative to the success of a business. The financial records of salaries, bonuses, net pay and deductions of all employees are vital to every business and ensures that contractual agreements are met. Our payroll department ensures that taxes are paid and accurate monthly contributions are made to the relevant parties and employees correctly and fairly. Our payroll management approach ensures that salaries are accurately calculated, taxes are correctly deducted and paid, and all data is accurately archived and organised.

Training & Skills Development

At MBM Resources Management (Pty) Ltd we strive to remedy the skills shortage that is prevalent in South Africa. We recognise people for their potential to succeed, and are very well positioned to nurture and develop them. Our training and skills development programmes offer individuals the chance to prove their worth, foster their skills and knowledge and justify their positions and potential promotions to their respective companies. Our clients can rest assured that workers who undergo our programmes will return with a skillset destined to add more value to their business than was previously possible.

Flexible Staffing & Outsourcing Solutions

We offer a flexible, cost-effective outsourcing solution that enables our clients to effectively manage their growth and productivity. With our comprehensive approach to the tactical orientation and management of your workforce, your business can continue to focus on operations and productivity, while we scale your team according to your needs. This has proven to be a critical success factor to many businesses in achieving their goals and objectives. The better we understand our clients’ business, the better the service we can offer them. We tailor our outsourcing solutions to our clients’ needs, taking into account the nature of the contract work, the levels and types of labour required, and the relevant HR, IR, training, payroll, and legislative requirements.

Managed Recruitment Services

Our specialised recruitment team are able to mitigate the challenges and administrative efforts that come with finding the perfect fit for your work force. We recruit across multiple industries and levels of employment, ensuring that we fully understand our clients’ requirements and business operations. This ensures superior quality candidates that suit our clients’ needs.

Discipline & Grievance Handling

Productivity is largely dependent on healthy working relationships between employers and employees, yet difficulties can arise from within these working environments. We have clear and unambiguous structures for dealing with such difficulties that ensure impartiality and equality. Our disciplinary and grievance procedure frameworks are structured to promote transparency and understanding by identifying the obstacles and
resolving the issues through effective communication and unbiased approaches.


Dealing with legal matters pertaining to labour can often be time-consuming and stressful.
We simplify that process by promoting fair practices in the working environment, and we resolve our clients’ labour disputes by providing the necessary legal advice, training and representation required.

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We consider employees to be the most valuable asset to any company. It is for this reason that we undertake to safeguard as far as possible, all employees, the public and the environment at large from injury and/or damages.
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